About Us

Mynrose was created while Meredith was living in New Zealand in February 2008.

The Logo of Mynrose is a Rose from Lady Norwood Rose Garden in Wellington, NZ.

Whilst there, Meredith started making patchwork bags for her friends and co-workers after learning how to sew in a local community class.

After returning to Kuala Lumpur, Meredith enrolled in a Fashion Academy in Kuala Lumpur, but due to the lack of teachers paying any attention to the students, she decided to travel again to Australia for 3 months.

In that journey Meredith come across a psychic, he informed her that she could be an Empath and to look up more about it. He suggested that Meredith can pick up doing Tarot Readings again to begin with, which she did. It was kismet a journey travelling to Australia allowed Meredith to find out her true passion and life calling at age 22.

Mynrose Imperium's first product was created while Meredith was still studying in the Fashion Academy. She accidentally created a lip balm when she meant to do a perfume balm. This special discovery inspired her to name them the secret magic potion lipbalms, that was available in Vanilla, Strawberry & Honey and Jasmine & Rose. Which opened a pathway for her to study aromatherapy and herbalism. She used Vanilla extract from a exquisite island in Madagascar. She used food safe honey and strawberry extract as well as essential oil that is safe for lip product. This is when she is just 22 years old.

Despite not being a certified aromatherapist or herbalist, she uses common sense, her articulate ability to experiments on herself as her own first client in any new creation she does, she ensures that her products are safe at at little to nil risk to her customers. Her background growing up in a household where her parents are also herbalist have given her confidence to explore herbs and its healing properties by studying many many books available in the library of her home. And ones she has purchased herself for her own independent study.

Many years later down the road, 12 years to be exact, Meredith has made over 100 types of herbal healing products from lipbalms, salves, aromatherapy oil blends, soaps, candles, aura spray and mists, alcohol based product and perfumes.

Meredith has brought Mynrose Imperium into the local bazaar scenes in Kuala Lumpur since 2010. She has entered numerous craft markets such as ones in Publika, Mont Kiara, One Utama, Jaya One, TTDI, and many more places in KL. One of the biggest event she joined was the one in Putra World Trade Centre in 2010.

Mynrose is a Lifestyle Brand that had always carried the vibe of positivity and love to its customers and their fans. World Peace is Inner Peace had been the brand slogan for Mynrose ever since its inception. And remains til now.

Making and creating beautiful healing and wonderful self care products has always been the fruit of Mynrose joy and glee. Mynrose Imperium evolved into a more spiritual and self development base company since 2013 when aside from her selling products in her markets, she also offers Tarot Reading and Psychic readings. This skills then turned into a service of Healing when Meredith started to learn more about Reading energies, healing the Chakras and Auras. 

Long story short, Mynrose Imperium evolved into a Healing and Coaching company helping Sensitive people reclaim their personal power and boundary in a very rat-race superficial world. Promoting authenticity and genuine presence that can be build over time through self awareness, vulnerability and self love, Meredith guides her customers and clients now to achieve inner peace.

Mynrose Imperium believes in World Peace, so we try our best to advocate each of our customer to practice self love, self care, and to heal their inner child. Doing this will enable each of our client to envision that peace is possible, one by one we carry this commitment to serve our customer to have this journey with us.

We hope you enjoy our products, services and events, and look forward to meeting you in person or shipping you your shopping order! 

With love,grace and so much light

Meredith Mynrose

Mynrose Imperium