Aura & Chakra Healing Session

Aura & Chakra Healing Session

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There is a huge benefit to getting your Aura & Chakra healing done to your subconscious energy space. This session is a mixture of energy reading and healing consultation.

I will read your aura and chakra to see any major blockages and within the session we will explore the reason behind it so it become a new self care knowledge for you.

Energy healing in this Aura & Chakra Reading will be supported by Archangels that will be present to assist in the session. Sometimes your spirit guide may appear as well to help you with this process.

As you become more deeply aware of your energy state, you will gain a good grasp of your wellbeing and have a clearer connection to your intuition. This is also a good session for helping you get into a better meditative state and becoming self reflective as you pursue your spiritual growth and healing.

Investment RM 550 for 1 hour and 30 minutes

Shorter Session RM300 for 45 minutes

Buy 4 Sessions and Free One Session.


Description of the Session Process by Meredith Mynrose, Universal Healer

1. As mention in the above details, Your Aura and Chakras will be read to see any energy disharmony and major blockages.
2. Once a energy entanglement or distorted energy within your Aura and Chakra is found, the healer will start describing the energy, and asking certain question in regarding to the energy of why its there.
3. This process then will start to continue to unravel the energy that causes it and what made it stay, or how you may have unconsciously let it linger.
4. Some situations where energy entanglement, or unharmonious energy blockages occur is due to self neglect, unhealthy coping mechanism, traumatic response, and triggered wounds. In this case, to be clear, one session may not be able to resolve the energy wounds. The healer will advice on this regard if it occurs.
5. Doing Aura Chakra Healing session is similar to having an Energy FaceLift, you will understand your energy better, and you will figure out what has been stagnant in your life and what you indeed need to face or work with in your self development, or in regards to deeper self love and investing more tlc in your state of wellbeing and health.
6. Many people will benefit from this service as its a service where the healer reads your energy and helps you become aware of what is stuck or what needs attention in your life. Sometimes due to busy worklife balance, many people often forget to notice their energy levels or wellbeing and become forgetful of their self care, in this way, the aura and chakra session will help to give you some focus on what areas you have missed so your aura and chakra will be in harmony and aligned for a more smooth flow of energies in life, during meditation and focusing on your present state of living.
7. Sometimes this session may lead to different branch of healing sessions such as Past Life Regression, Starseed connection, Childhood Trauma Healing, and many others. So you are advice to be prepared to have an open mind if your personal session may be referred to different type of healing afterwards for a better quality of self development and spiritual growth.

Sessions are held online through Zoom Conference Call.



1. We reserve the right to cancel session and provide refunds if such situation occurs.
2. We cannot guarantee a total miraculous healings or entertain the expectation that is not aligned to our code of conducts and rules of ethics.
3. We reserve the right to protect the healer's safety at all times, hence if any situation occurs that may spiritually harm the healer in order to continue, the session will end.
4. The Aura Chakra Healing session does not include certain details in regards to Energy Attachment of Devious kinds, and anyone who has been a target of Dark Energies. In this case healer can make suggestions where you may go for this particular assistance.
5. This Session is for General Aura Chakra Healing Session where the Client may have issues with block energies rooted in conditioned environment growing up, dealing with toxic environment socially, having childhood trauma in the past, love relationships gone bad, and suffering in mental health, and those who lost focus in their life purpose.
6. We are not held liable for any decisions made after the session is over, please only book this session if you of sound mind, body, and health. We are not a registered professional mental health consultant. We are only a holistic healing practitioner to provide alternative modality to the healing of your wellbeing.