Crown đź‘‘ of Success Candle đź•Ż Spell

Crown đź‘‘ of Success Candle đź•Ż Spell

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Crown Of Success Candle Spell is done to inspire positive energies into your life. It can be directed towards your studies, your job or career, your business or your personal life goals.

I am making this available for the small public in the society of Kuala Lumpur because if there was magic that can be utilised through the form of using candles and herbs to ignite a positive energy towards personal success, I too would try it since I personally had endured years of hard work without seeing results due to being harmed by many negative energy from the evil eye, negative projections from competitors and suspecting negative magic was directed to me to halt my personal life's success. After recognising the ill effects of negative magic directed towards me, I understand how important energy protection is and some times waiting and waiting isn't a proactive measure. So as I ponder to  question will this benefit others too, and I think it would. Hence this is also an offering at this website for the small corner of public who believes in Good Magic. 

There is an option to create your own candle spell ritual using the available spell kits in the magical potion section of this website. Where you can source the items needed as well. You can buy the crown of success oil with the prosperity herb if you wish to do so in a smaller budget. Although this page here is a service where the candle spell will be done for you.

What is included in this spell is

1. Crown of Success Candle spell ritual
2. A simple explanation after the spell ends on the wax reading, the messages from the flames or any important insights receive during the spell.
3. Pictures will be provided and the spell conclusion will be shared through a write-up.

What you may need to know before and after a spell is completed

1. Every spell comes with your own personal energy signature, some spell may be very weak depending on your current energy state. In this situation, the healer may recommend you to do cleansing bath to remove negative energy. One of the simplest method is just by bathing or showering with sea salt or himalayan salt.
2. The spells may not be carried through to start, if the healer's spiritual guides give a sign to not proceed with the spell due to a deeper more hazardous reasons such as wrong karmic connection, negative karmic accrued for said person, and anything in relation to the karmic balance. In this case, a refund will take place and the said person can request for a spellcasting session before proceeding with a candle spell or to inquire whats the best method to solve an issue they face.
3. This spell is never intended for the healer to shield the said person from any karma or negative energy, with the blessings of mother nature, the herbs chosen for this spell, your own relationship to mother earth and the universal karmic balance, it is up to the said person's unique state of energy and his/her higherself that will be supported by the effort put into the spell to make it as successful as possible. The healer, and spellcaster, only carry out a service where knowledge of healing and cleansing energy through the magical properties of plants and herbs are used to touch the realm of the astral and invisible as a messenger to the universe and the subliminal energies on the behalf of said person.
4. If the person's aura has never been cleansed before, most of the time the candle spell has to be repeated in order to install a stronger crown of success spell. This is because perhaps there are other factors involve in the reason why success may be an issue or faced with obstacles. You may start by doing uncrossing spell, and fire wall of protection before doing this crown of success spell. So when you finally do this spell, much obstacles are already removed from your energy field.
5. Available is the Crown of Success Oil which you can purchase and do your own spell as much as you like, but do remember that spells do take on spiritual energy. It is recommended to go slow and rest after doing each spell.

Crown of Success Candle Spell is non threatening and non harming spell, it focuses on the said persons energy, aura and spiritual wellbeing and empowers the person with positive energy of success. This spell is like a gentle good vibe and motivating spell. if you feel that no matter what you do, success has been slow and filled with obstacles, this can be a solution and be repeated as much as you like. Its like a spiritual empowerment to your Aura bubble and Chakras and astral body. The herbs acts as an offering to your astral body and subliminal energy in the ether where you will receive the healing benefits of the magical properties of this herb to help you remove the low vibrations mentioned above. 

Please supply me your details through an email after you place your order.

Email : Title Crown of Success Spell

Full Name, Date of Birth and a Photo of your Signature for the Petition Paper written for the Spell.

Note: You can also buy this for a friend who is having a tough time, a family member, siblings, or person you really care about and let them know beforehand if you wish. For spells purchased for another person, the spell will be directed to the person's higher self, and if they are open to receiving this healing, they will benefit from this energy cleansing and protection candle spell. Only order if you will take the risk of this spell working or not working for the intended person. All person involved in this spell has to be over the age of 21 years old.

When will the Spell be Completed?
The spell will be done within 7 days from date of order (with maximum 2 weeks time in case of my other energy commitment) You will receive a short write up after the spell is done, so check your email for this information. Update through IG message or Whatsapp is also possible with a remark at checkout.

*Photo is for aesthetic sample only


More FAQ's
1. How long does the spell take after the candle starts burning?
The Duration of the candle spell varies between 1 hour and 1.5 hours. The energy that may affect the candle will be the persons' energy, how strong the resistance to the uncrossing spell is, or how fast the energy is working. If the candle burns to a complete finish in less than 40 minutes, the sign is that this spell is very much needed and recommended to continue repeatedly for a few more times. In this case, you can continue ordering the same candle spell session, or buy your own incense and spellkit for more budget friendly option.

2. What colour will the candle be used?
For Crown of Success candle spell, we use Gold colored Candle.
3. Do you make your own candle?
Currently for spells, we use store bought candles as it is harder for us to keep making tapered candle due to how much we use for our customers.

4. I feel scared of candle spells, how can I not worry?
Depending on your spiritual or religious background, some people may frown on witchcraft or folk magic, and candle spells. But there is a long history where candles have greatly benefitted humanity and candles are often use during celebrations in many different religions and cultures around the world. If you cultivate your own beliefs and reason on why this candle spell may give your more benefit than harm, just like a birthday wish when you blow the candles in your childhood and perhaps last year or recently, this candle spell can work as setting out an intention to the universe, to provide you with great benefits of healing, cleansing, and energy protection. The herbs used alongside the candle is also part of nature, surely the magic in healing nature also has its benefits similar to the healing properties of crystals too.

If you have any relevant questions, please contact us.