Divine Serenity Healing Balm/Salve

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Divine Serenity balm was created as a healing energy to break mental conditioning that is toxic, aged, and negative. To remove mental bindings, and oppressions from toxic environment and magic spells from source of dark energies. It is also created to break magic love spells that is toxic and limits your soul that is trapped in a haze of toxic affection.

Divine serenity is created to remove toxic programmings, mind control, psychic abuse, and giving deep mental rest.

Unshackles mind bindings and mind curse negative projection from others. Evile ye. Release the shallow perspective forced on by other people. Release the pressure to only hold one point of view instead of having ability to be flexible with many point of views.

Its a Crown Chakra - Root Chakra Balm.

Gives Psychic Clarity and More Space In Your Consciousness. Release restrictions of old adage habits. Remove Toxic Programming and Limiting Self Sabotaging Behaviour by Expanding the shallow perspective that keeps you in a negative life pattern.